Rehoboth Center for Advanced Technology

Center for Advanced Technology

  • Facilitate exchange of undergraduate and graduate students
  • Facilitate Exchange of Faculty Members and Research Scholars
  • Collaborate on Joint Research Activities such as Joint Research Programs and Projects
  • Organize Joint Symposia, workshops, and Conferences
  • Facilitate exchange of Scientific Materials and Information
  • Create environment that will enhance hands-on training of the students and staff
  • Foundation Industries and Training programs
    • Low-cost housing Industry and Program
    • Alternative energy industry and Program
    • Agro-allied industry and Program
    • Metal fabrication industry and Program



  • Funded and managed by Rehoboth Foundation and its partners
  • The Ondo State Government shall provide the needed land and buildings for the operation of the health centers
  • The minimum land size required of the State Government for the Administrative building, main hospital, youth development center and other allied services will be 20 hectares.
  • Duration: the collaborative agreement is in perpetuity, subject to the concurrence of both parties provided, however, that both parties shall mutually cooperate to ensure the success and stability of the Center.
  • Steering committee to report results to the executive committee.