Rehoboth Basic Health Transformation Centers

The Rehoboth Foundation is a non-political organization devoted to providing succor to the marginalized across the United States o America and other parts of the world. Since its inception in 1999, Rehoboth Foundation has provided an array of services including health services, education, skills training and acquisitions, household materials supports, distributions of over 50 of 40 containers of medical equipment, reliefs’ materials to Nigeria. Currently engaged in over 20 medical missions to Africa and more frequently in the Ondo State of Nigeria, it is a well-known fact that there is a dearth of evidence-based and international standard healthcare facilities in Nigeria. Consequently, this results in un-acceptable low life expectancy and correspondingly low disease-free productive days in our rural areas, especially in Ondo State. Hence, it attests to the fact that from the highest levels of Hospital Administration to the trenches of the intensive care units, emergency rooms, and operating theaters, Nigerians are leaders worldwide but unfortunately most ineffectual with the current health care delivery system in Nigeria particularly concerning reaching the grassroots communities.

In observance, Rehoboth Foundation became aware of the uncompleted, underutilized, dilapidated buildings with no-equipped facilities hence poor health services and amenities. This includes the lack of a modern functional health technology and an evidence of low-quality service. It is also important to note that the Government of Nigeria especially the Ondo State Government, is well educated on the phenomenal contributions Nigerians in Diaspora are making in the medical industry in America, and therefore, welcome the returns of talented and influential Diasporas that have done great philanthropic work and are noticeable pillars in the medical success of the America community.
It was by the above proposition or premise that Rehoboth Basic Health Transformation Centers was birth and established as a panacea for the situation in Ondo state in particular and other parts of Nigeria as a whole. Rehoboth Transformation Centers in Ondo State have robust plans designed to complement the existing Government standard practices and working methods and not complicate nor interrupt them. Therefore, plans are in place to create an Electronic Health Record for every patient who attends and secure viable Clinical Research Center of Excellence to monitor patient participation in clinical trials in drug discovery and development beyond the current marketing and distribution of products.

Strategic plans and purpose of the Rehoboth Health Center in Ondo state are the following:
1. To revamp, renovate, equip, employ additional staff where necessary, manage and control the Basic Community Health Centers in the State. This includes reinforcing and implementing quality control standards.
2. The primary objective of operating on the existing Community Health Centers is to extend a quality and favorable healthcare services and equip to grass root communities, that is, cater for the healthcare needs of the ordinary people.
3. A Medical City proposed for State Capital with 800-bed spaces would be the referral for the community health center, and it will be adequately equipped to full expectations of standard equivalence of what is obtainable in the advanced countries such as the United States and India.
4. To establish healthcare digital platforms or Electronic Health Records (EHR) this will enhance the delivery of health services and communication within health care providers in Ondo State.

As noteworthy, the story of inadequate medical facilities in India was abated by the initiatives of Indians in Diaspora. They collaborated with the local authorities and brought their technical, professional experiences gathered over the years in overseas and localized it, and they achieved tremendous success.
Statistically, Nigerians in Diaspora especially in the United States occupy the most significant and highly profiled positions in the medical outlets of the nation. These rare gems have now collectively decided to give back to their motherland. The Ondo state Government is applauding this gesture of identifying with the plight of the poor in the rural areas of Ondo state. The reason why the team’s ultimate desire is to respond to the fundamental health issues affecting the abandoned people in the rural areas stems from the past commitment of Rehoboth Foundation in medical missions. Rehoboth Foundation has long been involved in medical missions in both small and large scale, but now with a desire for a permanent quality upscale medical center in Nigeria.

There will also be an intertwining of science and clinical research using a unique clinical learning system that incorporates the mastery of new information technologies. In addition, all the health centers will be appropriately equipped with core modern medical equipment, instrumentation, and a variety of workstations with specialty equipment and software specifics. The Health Center records or generated data will be linked together for seamless integration of care services of all patients in any of the Rehoboth Health Center, and currently, this linkage is not available in Ondo state.

Also, Rehoboth Foundation proposes a Medical City, equivalent to the standard obtainable anywhere in the developed world and located in the State Capital, Akure. Our vision is to create a center that will be comparable to Apolo and equivalent medical cities located in India, the US and other parts of the world. We envision that this would serve Nigeria Citizens as a whole and not limited to Ondo State. As indicated above, the Medical City will have 800-bed spaces and would take care of all the cases that are always referred abroad.
The City would have its very own Cafeteria, Financial institution, Staff school, and other relevant and pertaining accessories. This component will integrate into the health delivery system, communities’ innovative, relevant, and real-time world 21st-century treatments through a rich continuous learning environment. We further plan to improve the health delivery systems in the state, the region, and Nigeria through the advancement of medical education and translational research. The leadership and its partners believe that improving the socio-economic status of rural dwellers hinges on improving the healthcare delivery systems within, and between, these local governments of the State.

Our shared philosophy is that the best way to achieve this goal is through quality health delivery system, the training, and further education of world-class health practitioners and medical scientist. These practitioners will be motivated, well prepared, and equally committed, to practice a high-quality medicine and conduct sound medical research. The Rehoboth Basic Health Centers will train health workers and medical scientists who will be conduits for positive change within any possible primary healthcare delivery arena. Rehoboth Basic Centers will bring accessibility into the health delivery system in our communities.

Our goal is to ensure everyone has a right to care service with a minimum health cost or no cost for affordable care. People would pay something for an excellent service than pay nothing for a poor health service.

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